BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

With the 3 Series being very similar to this new BMW 5 Series, you are going to think that you know what you are going to get but you are wrong.

There are a few little differences and improvements to the 5 Series, this is going to be considerably bigger than previous models however and every bit of luxury is present with the 5 Series.

BMW 5 Series

If you want to choose the 5 Series grand touring option then you will be getting a hatchback model with this being able to hold more room in it than most of the other models. You can just take a look at the back seats and you will know that this is in a different class of its own. There are going to be two models which are better suited for families such as the M3 and M5, this is quick and great to bring comfort for everyone in vehicle also.

With you choosing the V-10 five hundred hp engine then you are really getting one powerful car.This new 5 Series from BMW will come in the options of the four door hatchback, the wagon or the sedan. These can come with any of the GT, the M5, and the 535 GT, the 535i or the 550i models each. They are going to be matted with the eight speed automatic, the six speed SMG or the six speed manual engines which work nicely with the V-10 5.0 liter engine, the 3.0 liter I-6 turbo engine or the twin turbo V-8 4.4 liter engine also.

BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

So what is going to be new for the 5 Series sedan? Well this is going to be one of the first to have the EPS Electric power steering, however you are also going to be getting the electric motor with the steering assistance if the driver activates this little gadget. With the 528i model then you will be getting the xDrive with an all wheel drive option which should be out very soon. There is not however going to be such a massive difference when it comes to the style on the outside of the 5 Series.

This is really going to have such a very nice look and feel to the car, it does almost look a little modern for the BMW especially with the sheet metal, that really helps to bring a great strong look. This 5 Series is going to be more comfortable for the driver however no matter if you are just cruising or thrusting the throttle as hard as it could go. The seats have also been greatly improved so that the best comfort can come from these for the back and front seats though, remember there is now even going to be a lot more room in the back of the car so you are not going to be stuffed into the back.

With the 550i having the 4.4 liter engine, that is going to produce a massive four hundred of horsepower with this twin turbocharged V-8 direct injected engine.

There is a very unique reverse flow layout with the 550i and even the amount of fuel being used is not that much either. This is going to have the great inline six cylinder engine which is new for the 535i sedan model of the 5 Series BMW.

With the 3.0 liter twin scroll turbocharger single, it actually seems to be doing well with this vehicle so everything does seem to go well in fact. It seems a nice little perfect car. When it comes to the fuel economy rating the M5 will be more impressive over them all with them having a low rating of eleven for the city and seventeen mpg for the highway.

With the next being 550i with fifteen to seventeen for the city and twenty two to twenty five for the highway. The 550 GT and 535 GT models both come in the same with ratings at twenty two mpg for the city and thirty three for the highway. While the 535i comes in with a rating of nineteen to twenty mpg for the city roads, however the highway rating is much higher with a massive twenty eight to twenty nine mpg.

BMW: New or Used, They’re Just Better

Is buying a BMW different from buying any other car? Well, yes, because it’s a BMW. The process of purchasing the car may be similar to the process of buying another brand but the quality is not going to be the same. You may go through the same steps, arrange similar financing, etc., but the result is going to be quite different.

This particular car manufacturer puts a great deal of emphasis on areas such as handling, convenience, luxury, comfort, and amenities. Other cars have strengths in one or two of these areas but the BMW seems to combine the factors quite well. For example, some owners say they just feel better in the driver’s seat with this car as opposed to others.

The Driver

One of the key elements in BMW’s success is the focus the company puts on making sure the driver has a pleasant experience when taking his or her vehicle on the road. The company does not build its cars like other companies do as a result of this unique focus on the individual at the wheel. Quality of service after the car is sold is something that is hard to put a money value on, but customer service is delivered at the same level of excellence as the product itself.

BMW: New or Used, They’re Just Better

This emphasis is evident in the amount of revenue devoted to research and development. Their products are constantly improved. When innovation can make a significant change in vehicle quality, BMW will introduce the necessary change. The company also is well attuned to what the public wants in a quality automobile.

With all this in mind, it makes sense that the number of people who are changing to BMW as their primary vehicle provider grows consistently. If you have given thought to making this change and want to buy used BMW in Yorkshire, there has never been a better time. Take a few minutes to browse the website of one of the leading providers in the industry to see the amazing range of vehicles available.

Start Here

You can navigate quickly to the online catalogue of fine pre-owned cars simply by selecting “I want a used car.” At this point, you can search for a specific vehicle by series, body style, and budget. If you would rather browse, just choose to view the cars in stock. Before you do, however, you may want to devote a few minutes to the benefits of owning a great used car or learn more about the financing options available to you.

When you move to the display of pre-owned vehicles, you are immediately presented with details about each car including exterior and interior colours, year of make, mileage, and combined MPG. Vehicles range from Sport 3-door and Sport 5-door to Active Tourers and Sport Saloons. Take a few minutes to view the Touring line and some of the other outstanding cars offered in an array of colours. One of them is sure to catch your eye. When it’s time to move to BMW, start the journey in the right place.

Get Well-Acquainted With Your BMW Service & Repair

Just imagine that you are driving your high-end BMW and suddenly it stops in midway on some highway? Well, definitely you get in a big trouble then. Hence, it is advisable to offer timely BMW service and repair to one of your most prized possession. In fact, being regular with the service and repair of the car contributes to the avoidance of such unexpected errors in the future. However, while sending your luxury car for service and repair, you need to check the following things.

You must check whether the service center or the mechanics provide the following services:

BMW Tune-Ups: You must check whether the mechanic is tuning up your BMW or not as it is mandatory for keeping a check on the ignition parts such as distributor caps and rotors, spark plugs, wires, filters and other such parts, which need replacement from time to time for smooth running of the vehicle.

Fuel System Repairs: Well, by now you must be aware of the fact that the electric fuel pump is the heart of the electronic fuel injection system, which runs on it. You may face emission and drivability problems if your BMW fuel pump does not meet the OE minimum fuel flow or pressure needs.

Brake System Repair: In addition to this, the brake repair is the most important part of BMW service and repair. This job must cover the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and calipers of your BMW. Hence, it must be done with precision.

Suspension and Steering Repair: Whenever you take your car for service, make sure to get your BMW’s power steering system fluid checked. This is because fluids leaks are the most common problem on power steering system. Besides, the suspension system is intricate network of the cooperating components of the BMW car. Since when the road abuse takes place, the suspension is ground zero. Hence, the parts tend to wear out and with time they break, which ask for immediate replacement and repair.

Cooling System Service and Repair: Several components together make the cooling system of BMW, which includes the radiator, water pump, and thermostat. These parts often need repair and proper service to function smoothly. Therefore, in order to avoid any problem with these parts in the future, take your BMW for service and repair timely.

Get Well-Acquainted With Your BMW Service & Repair

# Factors to Consider Before Sending Your BMW to A Service Station:

In addition to the above services, there are several other factors that you need to consider before sending your BMW to a service station.

Types of Services Offered at Service Station:

Keep a check on different types of services offered by the service station. The type of car they service, the technicians and their accreditations and manufacturer training certificate and authorization along with BMW registration. Along with this, the service center must have a database to conduct repairing, tuning, and car service.

Infrastructure of The Service Station:

Most importantly, personally visit the service center or the garage to look the infrastructure, whether they are well equipped with the latest equipment or not. Servicing, inspection, washing, cleaning, and other such things are done with computerized equipment nowadays. Hence, the garage must have access to the entire infrastructure for servicing and repair your BMW car. This will only happen if they have manufacturer certification.

Cost and Charges:

Besides, other important things, it is necessary that you must ask about the estimate for the service of your vehicle. The authorized service center always have a fixed price for specific tasks and they will provide you the bill for the tasks that they will perform, be it oil replacing or the repair of the damaged part; they will quote you accordingly.

Hence, consider these factors before offering your BMW for service and repair.

Don’t Waste Time Selling Your Old Car

Selling an Old Banger Privately Can Lead to a World of Hurt

When the time comes to replace an old car, the murky waters of private sales are often more trouble than they are worth.

A recent statistic was published stating that there are more cars than people in California. While UK car ownership has not quite reached these dizzying heights, it is nevertheless the case that there are more cars joining the fray on the UK’s roads every year.

With an estimated two million new car sales per annum, the UK has a significant churn when it comes to its cars. One newspaper ran a story saying that people get a new car more often than they get a new phone, and with cars changing hands every couple of years, there is definitely something almost like a “food chain” going on. It starts with those nearly new cars that are still under warranty, goes through seven or eight year old vehicles worth a couple of thousand pounds and ends with the old clunkers for which a worn clutch or a cracked windscreen might mean they are beyond economic repair.

For newer vehicles with a good service history and no major problems, there is always a market, but when a car is reaching the end of its natural life it usually makes more sense to get a scrap car quote than to try and sell it on.

Don’t Waste Time Selling Your Old Car

The modern car recycler – more than just a scrap yard

If your vision of scrapping a car involves venturing out to the back end of an industrial park and negotiating a deal among seedy characters with a penchant for angry dogs on rusting chains, the chances are you’ve been watching too many reruns of The Sweeney.

Today’s scrap yards are professionally run and rigorously regulated by the appropriate environmental agencies to ensure they are safe and that they dispose of the many waste materials that come out of a scrap vehicle in an environmentally responsible way.

There is also none of the haggling that you might have in mind. Simply log on to their website, provide the vehicle details and they will give you a quote on the spot. If you are happy with the price, they’ll transfer the funds, and come to collect the vehicle from your home. Ironically, today’s scrap car buyers are more at risk from the car owner’s dogs than vice versa!

The perils of the private sale

You might still be wondering whether you can get a better price selling the car privately, perhaps by putting it onto an online sale or auction site. After all, it must be worth good money to someone, right?

Well anything is possible, but if you take a look at some of the most common makes and models, you will find that there are more sellers than buyers out there. Around 1.5 million cars are scrapped every year, so just think how many thousands of ageing Ford Fiestas, Vauxhall Corsas and so on that adds up to. On any given day, there will be hundreds advertised, and those who are in the market to buy can take their pick.

Ultimately, they will be unlikely to offer more than the scrap value, and you have the additional inconvenience and expense of dealing with the advertising, and then watching one character after another turn up at your house, wander around the car, kick the tyres and waste your time.

It really isn’t worth the hassle, and it can lead to serious heartache.

The best place to get your car loan – Del Norte Credit Union

There are countless ways for you to get auto loans in new Mexico, like bank loans or even payday lenders. However, if you are looking for the best price, personalized service and security, you should be looking at credit unions like Del Norte Credit Union. Here are some significant advantages of getting a loan at Credit Unions.

The lowest rate available on market

Credit Unions are often neglected when it comes to car loans. However, they provide the best offers available on the market since they are non-profit organizations. Therefore, credit unions like Del Norte Credit Union can provide an offer that is much lower than you can get from a bank. The more you can save on car loans, the more you can spend on the car itself. With an extra hundred dollar, you can have much more choices regarding car models and makes, or maybe you can upgrade the interiors to make it more customized!

auto loans

Personalized customer service

Another perk of a car loan from credit unions would be its personalized service for every loaner. Since credit unions provide services on a members-only basis, they would usually offer an assistant dedicated to each customer and help them to deal with any possible difficulties, especially when these people are people who also had loans themselves, instead of sitting behind a computer monitor in an office. They would understand very well what you need and what you want. You also do not have to worry about how exclusive they are, while it might take some time to join some particular credit unions, some credit unions like Del Norte Credit Union always welcome new members.

Getting approved like a boss

Getting a loan approved at your local bank might take decades, and we have all been there. There are a lot of procedures you have to do, filling in forms, waiting for approval and endless signing. However, with credit unions, you do not have to go through all the fuss. This is exceptionally true for those who had credit problems in the past. It may take them forever before they know their loan application has yet again, failed. In credit unions, your credit history would not be accessed, and some credit unions like Del Norte Credit Union would provide personalized financial consultation services and debt management for their members to help them through the loan process.

User-friendly car loan process

The era of technology has come, and you no longer have to check in a bank and meet a loan officer face-to-face before you can get your auto loans in new Mexico. With credit unions, you can complete the entire process online in several minutes. You can even sign the documents with e-signature, making the whole process fast, secure and user-friendly.

Take a look at a credit union if you are looking for auto loans in new Mexico and discover all the amazing benefits it provides!