No other airport in the United States evokes an equal mixture of hatred and excitement as LAX International Airport. It might be the most famous international gateway to the country, but it’s also three decades old and comes with decaying terminals, a strangely designed gate layout, and horrible traffic.

Despite its reputation, tens of thousands of people pass through it daily before heading to different parts of the US finding reliable, and affordable transportation out of it is an adventure in itself. Here’s what you should know about LAX airport shuttle.

Prepare for Transportation Armageddon

They say that renting a car or looking for a taxi at LAX can be your own personal hell. While nine authorized taxi companies are plying the airport, they can barely accommodate the millions of people who pass through its gates.

Renting a car can also be a harrowing experience. There are no rental companies inside the airport. You’d have to take a shuttle to get to their locations. Finding the area where you have to return the car is also a challenge since the signages are unobtrusive. Taking the bus or a lax airport shuttle is a better option.

LAX Airport Shuttle Options

Travelers looking for cost-effective transportation have several options available to them. There are shared-ride vans that allow you to travel to and from the airport. These vans have a specific route, and other passengers will join you.

There are also several shuttle companies operating at LAX. Two of the most popular ones are SuperShuttle Los Angeles and GO Prime Time Shuttle.

  • LAX SuperShuttle: Also known as the Blue Vans, SuperShuttle has become the go-to transport to and from the airport. The vans abound at LAX, and the company is known for offering high-quality service at affordable prices.
  • GO Airport Shuttles: A local provider, their distinctive red vans have become a significant part of the LAX scene. They are the most popular mode of transport when going to Tinseltown. GO boasts of professional and experienced drivers behind the wheels of their vehicles. They offer shared ride and private shuttle sedans or vans.

For those who aren’t fond of shared rides or shuttle services, private vans, sedans or SUVs are also an option. If you feel like riding in style, a stretched limousine is a good way of getting around.

Booking a Private Shuttle

It’s best to book your transportation to or from LAX in advance. This is to ensure that someone will pick you up and get you to your destination on time. Check out the providers’ websites to get details like fare prices and fleet options. You can arrange for door-to-door transfers if you prefer.

Read your confirmation email carefully once you have booked your ride. Make sure you know where to meet your ride provider and their pick-up process. LAX also has guidelines and specific locations for pickups. Shared ride vans are located near baggage claim. Meet points of private cars vary by company. Meanwhile, booked taxis are found near the shared ride vans.

Like the city, the Los Angeles airport is so vast that navigating around it is difficult. Your travel experience will go more smoothly if you book your ride in advance. Your best option is a lax airport shuttle. You’re guaranteed a safe ride at affordable prices.

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