Get your vehicle the desired care at Atomize Collison and customs

The Atomize Collision & Customs is a premier auto body shop for collision centre localized in the Northern region of Georgia. They have earned great experience in the field of repair and are now believed to be among leading custom repair brand. There are the professional team working hard in order to keep the customer satisfied at every cost by offering some professional detailing, extensive care, custom auto and bike work.

There is quite a requirement to have a company that is set up in the local areas coming with strong ties to the community and have a command of a locally owned person over the same. If you are opting for the service of Atomize Collision & Customs you can expect to have the best service and a similar feeling when your neighbours try to help you with some work.

About the certification:

The atomize collision & custom is recognized by the ASE and I-CAR. This eventually means that every customer with any sort of repair work can completely remain assured of the service brought by the serving team. They make sure that high safety standards are involved at the time of repair making sure nothing that remains perfect gets damaged in the process of repair. The top quality auto body collision repair and customer service is their main mission and the work shows this well.

For every sort of dents and dings visit the shop:

They use the latest technique of paintless dent repair. There is a use of special tools which comes with certified technicians specially trained to use them in a proper way, they gently massage the dents bringing back automobile its shape. For any type of dent doesn’t matter if it is a parking dent or an automobile mishandling dent everything is well taken by the team of professionals working at the auto body shop.

For many repair shops the question is about the model of the vehicle as they don’t bring their service to every model but here at the atomize Collison & custom, you will be provided with repair option for every model. They strive to help every customer in a professional way and as quick as possible. There is no requirement to have any meditator in between the customer and insurance provider, you can directly work with the professional team making sure you don’t get to face any sort of trouble.

Getting in touch with the team is quite easy you can visit the site fill in the required information and they will be happy to hear from you or you can simply place a call on.

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