Using the ramps properly is safe, and it is an alternative to raise the cars from the ground level, and it acts as a jack. It is also one of the instruments to lift the car. The ramps are easier and faster, especially when you didn’t find the jack point that time ramps play a very prominent role during that time.

However, ramps aren’t well-considered for changing the fluids (like oil) because the will in the inclined structure can make the fluid exhaust entirely.

Read the following article to know more about how to use the ramps and more about ramps.

Steps to use car ramps properly            

The steps to use car ramps properly are as follows:

  1. Move the ramp towards the front wheel

Keep the ramp properly in front of the wheel whereas the slope of the ramp should be in the middle of the wheel and make sure that the ramp should be straight enough. Repeat the same with the second wheel also.

If the wheels are rotated, move them and make straight if not try again. Always work on the hard surface, avoid working in wet places.

  1. Move the car to the exact middle of the ramp.

Get into the car and move the car on the ramp and come out the car and check that whether the wheels are exactly middle of the ramp and it is on the flat portion of the ramp. If not, go back and try to do it again.

Some of the ramps will have a small bumper at the end to tell you have reached the end of the ramp. If it slides, you must drive a little faster but keep it clean.

  1. Block the parking brake

Once you confirm that the car is at the middle of the ramp, stop the car using the emergency stopper to assure that the car won’t come back down from the ramp and make sure the car is in the stable.

  1. Carry the wheels around the back wheels

Carry one wheel in front of the front wheel and the other one behind. This is extra information to stop the car from rolling down from the ramp, and you can safely work with your car.

If you want to be safer, then put the jack stand as well.

How to choose a ramp?

Few tips on how to choose a ramp are as follows:

  1. Go for the maximum rated product.
  2. Check-in which county it is manufactured.
  3. Read the reviews of that product which is given by the customers.
  4. Decide which one to purchase and which one you need.
  5. Check the rubber stopper.
  6. Check if there are any damages are present.
  7. Buy the wheel stopper as well.


Use the car ramp gently and smoothly and follow the instructions on how to use it. Always go to the high-quality ramps if you’re going to buy. Now you can safely access cars.

By jordan maggie

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