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Car maintenance is not a choice – if you want to get the maximum out of your vehicle then make sure you keep up with its regular care. Keeping a check on car brakes is very important, especially since it ensures safety and increases efficiency. Here are some money saving tips that will increase the life of your car brakes so that you don’t have to replace them sooner.

Maintain Car Speed 

According to the experts, speed is a major factor in premature wear tear of car brakes. Don’t apply too much brake or very quickly as it can take a toll on the brake pads. The higher the speed, the more pressure and energy it requires for the braking system to stop the car. Consider coasting and it’s best to observe the speed limit.

Flush Brake Fluid Regularly 

Brake fluid attracts water naturally and when mixed, can affect the boiling point of brake fluid. This reduces the overall performance of the brakes and also causes internal corrosion, resulting in brake pad to rot. The best way to avoid this is to flush the brake fluid regularly and also replacing the fluid if need arises. According to safe driving tips by Michelin Tyres, it’s recommended to replace brake fluid every two years.

Careful Inspection of Brake Rotors 

For the safety and performance of your vehicle it’s important to get the braking system inspected by professionals. If there are visible cracks in the rotors or noticeable grooves then it’s time to buy new brake rotors. There are many tyres online service providers all over the UAE that can guide you with the process.

Check Tread Depth of Your Tyres

Maintenance & Inspection of Brake Pads 

It’s not simple to check brake pads yourself, unless you know a lot about cars or have the right tools. Take professional help as these people are trained to examine brake pads, looking for indicators like thickness and wear and tear. Some vehicles have warning light on the dashboard that indicate that the pads have worn down to completely; whereas, some cars make squealing or grinding noise. Vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal is another indication that it’s time to replace your brake pads.

Keep Your Vehicle Light  

Reduce the weight of your vehicle, making it easier for the braking system. The heavier the load is on your vehicle, the more pressure it puts on the braking pads. Carrying extra weight also results in more fuel consumption. Clear out the boot and keep only the essentials.

Change Your Driving Style  

Develop good driving habits to increase the life of your brakes as well as to ensure longevity of the vehicle. Always void two-footing the pedal as it’s bound to damage the brake pad. Also, widen the gap while driving as nobody likes a tailgater. If you follow another car too closely you will press the brake harder and it can cause wear and tear on the braking system

Finally, it’s very important to take your vehicle in for proper in-depth brake inspection. Visit authentic car maintenance shop near you.

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