BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

With the 3 Series being very similar to this new BMW 5 Series, you are going to think that you know what you are going to get but you are wrong.

There are a few little differences and improvements to the 5 Series, this is going to be considerably bigger than previous models however and every bit of luxury is present with the 5 Series.

BMW 5 Series

If you want to choose the 5 Series grand touring option then you will be getting a hatchback model with this being able to hold more room in it than most of the other models. You can just take a look at the back seats and you will know that this is in a different class of its own. There are going to be two models which are better suited for families such as the M3 and M5, this is quick and great to bring comfort for everyone in vehicle also.

With you choosing the V-10 five hundred hp engine then you are really getting one powerful car.This new 5 Series from BMW will come in the options of the four door hatchback, the wagon or the sedan. These can come with any of the GT, the M5, and the 535 GT, the 535i or the 550i models each. They are going to be matted with the eight speed automatic, the six speed SMG or the six speed manual engines which work nicely with the V-10 5.0 liter engine, the 3.0 liter I-6 turbo engine or the twin turbo V-8 4.4 liter engine also.

BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

BMW Series 5 Grand Touring Option

So what is going to be new for the 5 Series sedan? Well this is going to be one of the first to have the EPS Electric power steering, however you are also going to be getting the electric motor with the steering assistance if the driver activates this little gadget. With the 528i model then you will be getting the xDrive with an all wheel drive option which should be out very soon. There is not however going to be such a massive difference when it comes to the style on the outside of the 5 Series.

This is really going to have such a very nice look and feel to the car, it does almost look a little modern for the BMW especially with the sheet metal, that really helps to bring a great strong look. This 5 Series is going to be more comfortable for the driver however no matter if you are just cruising or thrusting the throttle as hard as it could go. The seats have also been greatly improved so that the best comfort can come from these for the back and front seats though, remember there is now even going to be a lot more room in the back of the car so you are not going to be stuffed into the back.

With the 550i having the 4.4 liter engine, that is going to produce a massive four hundred of horsepower with this twin turbocharged V-8 direct injected engine.

There is a very unique reverse flow layout with the 550i and even the amount of fuel being used is not that much either. This is going to have the great inline six cylinder engine which is new for the 535i sedan model of the 5 Series BMW.

With the 3.0 liter twin scroll turbocharger single, it actually seems to be doing well with this vehicle so everything does seem to go well in fact. It seems a nice little perfect car. When it comes to the fuel economy rating the M5 will be more impressive over them all with them having a low rating of eleven for the city and seventeen mpg for the highway.

With the next being 550i with fifteen to seventeen for the city and twenty two to twenty five for the highway. The 550 GT and 535 GT models both come in the same with ratings at twenty two mpg for the city and thirty three for the highway. While the 535i comes in with a rating of nineteen to twenty mpg for the city roads, however the highway rating is much higher with a massive twenty eight to twenty nine mpg.

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