Vehicle Interior Maintenance

Vehicle interior maintenance is almost, if not just as important, as exterior maintenance. Most will people spend an average of about 4 hours in their cars, so if the environment is nasty, it leaves the person feeling eerie. Therefore, a quick clean every once in a while is very important, especially for parents who ferry their kids around. With this article, we hope to help you get started on your vehicle’s interior maintenance journey.

1.) Vacuum

Being able to vacuum your vehicle is the single-most important task a car owner should practice for the period of time they own the car. It leaves your car interior nicely cleaned and sanitized as it is an effective method of getting rid of dirt and debris from under hard to reach places like under the floor mats and car seats. Also, the filth left over from those binges in the car should be taken off, even though they find a way into the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. Getting a high-powered vacuum with various extensions should help you get to those tough to reach places.

2.) Dashboard

Dashboards are one of the most dust-prone areas of the vehicle. Over time, the dashboard collects a lot of dust and grime carried in from the air. After vacuuming, it is advisable to actually clean the dashboard with a microfiber duster. Using a protectant like Armor All should help fight against cracking, peeling and most importantly, fading. Tested protectants help in retaining of the interior’s original shade even after harmful UV rays have bombarded the interior.

3.) Windows

The use of glass cleaners that provide a water repellent formula to prevent water from beading up on your windows assists in getting rid of those pestering smudges, fingerprints and even paw prints. After all, the windows offer us a view into the world around us and cleaner windows equal better visibility. Note that some glass cleaners can actually damage tinted windows and heating elements in the windshield. This is caused by the ammonia found in most of these household cleaners, so make sure you read the instructions and ingredients before purchasing them.

4.) Trunk

This is one of the most overlooked sections of the car that is very crucial in terms of the fuel economy. Many at times we end up just throwing stuff in the trunk only to be forgotten. By doing this, we are effectively increasing the car’s weight, and thus, hurting our wallets in terms of fuel consumption. The trunk is one of those areas one can actually get away with junk, but it is advisable to get rid of anything just for the long run. It also doesn’t hurt that at times you’ll need an arranged trunk whenever you need to carry some stuff. It renders the hustle of having to clean up obsolete.

5.) Upholstery

Even after a good vacuum, some spots and grime may end up ground into the upholstery. Getting rid of these blemishes is crucial as some of these stains can actually cause discoloration. Upholstery cleaners are made especially for this purpose as they can remove such stains without introducing a large amount of moisture, which can cause the growth of mold. Cleaning the upholstery can be done by using a combination of water and alcohol, which has a low boiling point and so it ends up evaporating and leaving the upholstery dry almost immediately.

6.) De-funk

After cleaning the interior, one last service has to be performed… aromatherapy. An excellent choice for such a task is Turtle Wax Odor-X. It actually mimics the alluring smell of new upholstery and plastics leaving the car smelling ‘NEW’. We promise you will love it 🙂

The above steps should assist the amateurs to achieve a near clinical approach to car interior maintenance and actually make long journeys in the vehicle more enjoyable and relaxing. We hope you learned something… Happy cleaning 🙂