Handy Cleaning Tips

Keeping the car clean, whether inside or outside is actually quite a difficult job, but these tips and tricks look to simplify this task. These tips also apply to those with children and those who have pets and actually take them on road trips.

Here We Go…

1.) Create a regular schedule or routine for cleaning your car. The more you do this, the easier it becomes and forms a habit.

2.) Use car shampoo and a designated sponge when washing. Household cleaners have ammonia that damages body paint, so avoid them. The sponge or microfiber pads prevent damage to the body work and windows as the surface is soft and non-abrasive.

3.) Apply the top-down method when washing and rinse frequently. This makes sure that the lower sections are left clean, even after washing the entire car. By rinsing frequently, you prevent the shampoo used from drying on the body work and harming the coating.

4.) Make a point to dry the car after washing. Any evaporated water leaves behind the minerals that were infused in it, leaving droplet shaped marks on the car. Use a soft, clean cloth that is slightly wet to avoid leaving skid or scratch marks on the vehicle.

5.) Vacuuming is important. This helps in getting all the dust and debris out of your car’s interior. Whether it is on the dashboard, under the seats or even mats, a thorough vacuum should leave the car crap less.

6.) Make it a point to always clean those tires. These actually accumulate brake dust and grit over time, a clean cloth and bucket of water should do the trick and enhance the life expectancy of your tires.

7.) Always perform aromatherapy after every clean or at least monthly. Cars are notorious for generating a certain funk, certain products from Turtle can do this but the cheapest option is baking powder, sprinkle it in your car, let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum it, the soda will absorb the odors and leave the car smelling fresh.

8.) Use Window cleaners to clean the windows. These products are gentler on the glass surfaces than other products and prevent the wear of the glass while getting rid of grease from the fingerprints and other smudges.

9.) Waxing is very important. Do this at least twice a year as it acts as a protective layer for your original paint job. This because clear coat wears off after sometime, so the addition of wax should absorb certain scratches and stains to prevent them from reaching the paint.

10.) Avoid washing your car when it is too hot. This is because the product used when washing tends to dry more quickly and the heat causes it to react with the paint due to the minerals. Parking the car in the shade and waiting for it to cool down should solve this.

11.) In case you have pets, invest in heavy duty door mats. Animals, especially dogs, tend to attack these mats and actually abuse them, so it helps to have them invulnerable to such malice and still easy to clean.

12.) Clean out the car at least once a month. This is to get rid of any junk that is in your car and that is actually contributing to a higher fuel pump bill. This also helps keep the interior maintenance responsibility at a minimum, which is plus for everyone involved.

13.) Use a backseat organizer. This is useful when kids are involved, the organizer actually encourages them to organize all their toys and stuff in order so that there is less clutter in the rear seats.

14.) Designate an area for pets. This useful so that all their dirt and fur is easily disposed of and the use of a litter box or confinement of some kind is useful to prevent movement, which leads to dirt being deposited everywhere.