Do’s and Don’ts of Car Washing

If you’re the sort of person who views their car as a tool for getting from one point to another and nothing more, then this article is not for you. This article is for those people who treat their cars as a member of their family, the ones who pass down an automobile from one person to another, without the need to actually flip it and make a profit. It’s an article for aspiring car enthusiasts and petrolheads. Washing a car isn’t that difficult, you just have to take into consideration some of these pointers and you should be fine.

Cleaning centers

These are the easiest ways out for anyone looking for a quick and professional clean without actually taking the time to do so themselves. Cleaning centers are everywhere you go, so a quick stop there can cost you about $12 – $20, depending on the car and the services offered. For example, we as Maolek Auto-Detailing actually cater for full interior cleaning, foam cannon car washing and auto detailing for those hard to reach spots at fair prices of about $160 to $350.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts of automobile washing:

1.) DO invest in proper cleaning supplies

There are various tried and tested products for washing cars which include the cleaning product itself (preferably Meguiars Nxt Generation Car Wash which is sure not to strip off the wax protection of the car and is gentle on all the painted finishes), a wash mitt/sponge and a hose with running water or even buckets of water will do just fine.

Cleaners that are manufactured just for the cleaning of cars are a better choice as they are gentler on the vehicle parts, whether it is the paint or the rubber components. The sponge or mitt is there so as to avoid scratches on the bodywork. Using a hose helps in getting rid of all the dirt and grit, especially in the hard to reach places such under the wheel arches and so forth. Using a bucket for rinsing is not highly advised as it is impossible to remove all the grit from the vehicle.

2.) DO wash the car, even when it is not visibly dirty

Even though your car isn’t visibly dirty, showing bird droppings or pollutants, it is advisable to wash it regularly, weekly, since most of the dirt and bugs can actually dull your car’s finish. Wash it regularly so as to maintain your car’s appearance.

3.) DO remove any sort of jewelry when washing your car

If you have some sort of jewelry, be it a ring or a pendant around your neck, remove it, so as to avoid scratching your paint job as you lather the car. It is also advisable to actually wear comfortable clothing that is zipper-less so as to avoid contact between your zipper and the bodywork and/or glass, which can be scratched.

4.) DON’T wash your car on a hot day

This is to avoid the running risk of deposits damaging your paint. This is caused by the hot temperatures. They heat up whatever product you are using and cause it to react with the paint. It is advisable to always park your vehicle under a shade and let it cool before bringing out the cleaning kit.

5.) DO wax your car

Waxing is actually believed to be a method of maintenance for the vehicle, especially if you want to maintain the resale value of the car, a car is actually half its looks. Products like Turtle Wax are proven to actually provide you with clear instructions to apply the wax without hitches to even the most amateur of users, while keeping your car looking healthy. You should do this at least once a year to make sure your car looks as good as new whatever time of year it is.

6.) DO wash your car in sections

Work from one area and move on to the next, wash, first of all, rinse then dry. Start from the roof and work your way downwards so that the cleaning doesn’t leave deposits from the soap.

7.) DON’T forget those wheels

Wash the wheels last to prevent a fight with gravity, which gravity will win. As you wash, all the grime and dirt rinsed off will end up on the wheels, by washing them last you avoid a double duty.

8.) DO dry your car using the proper technique

Let the towels do the work, use dry towels that are a little damp to prevent a dry one from leaving streaks on your vehicle. Do this until the entire car is dry and start with the windows, to prevent cleaning a dirty part on the body and leaving a streak or scratch on the windows.

Following these simples rules will leave you smiling and will end up impressing that crush of yours 😉 These simple steps should help guide you in caring for your car and making sure as it serves you through its long life, it does so while leaving you happy and in comfort.